2 Steps To Storm Preparedness

Climate change means that hurricanes are getting stronger. Storms are getting faster and exponentially larger, impacting more total area. It’s not just the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean which are impacted; 2015 Pacific storm Hurricane Patricia recorded wind speeds of 215 mph. It landed in the state of Jalisco but its effects were felt throughout the Southwest United States. It’s imperative that anyone who may be impacted by these larger storms engage in storm preparation. Here are two things you can do to be ready.

1. Review Your Insurance Coverage

Your homeowners or renters insurance should cover basic replacements for storm damage. Make sure your insurance will cover your expenses if you have to evacuate and while you live in a secondary residence until your home is repaired. Consider adding flood coverage since it is usually separate from your primary policy.

2. Plan Your Evacuation Route

Knowing how you’ll evacuate and being prepared for it is the key to avoiding being stranded in a storm zone. Make sure your car always has at least half a tank of fuel and keep emergency supplies ready to go. Think about what you’ll do with your pets and how your family will rendezvous if an evacuation command comes through while you’re away from the house.

Being prepared is the best way to protect yourself during and after a storm.