Company’s looking to protect their businesses from lawsuits often turn to insurance providers for assistance. Just as an insurance plan for a residential consumer provides financial help in situations of a covered loss, every business is susceptible to risks that can be eligible for insurance coverage. When considering the information at, the first consideration in obtaining an insurance policy is making sure it meets the demands and needs of your operations. The exposures and liabilities will vary between industry and company, and here are some of the most common concerns for those operating a temporary staffing agency.

General Liability

  1. Being misclassified as an employment agency will prevent certain incidents from being covered due to temporary placement assignments
  2. Coverage is excluded for advertising and personal injury when the agency has been classified as an employment agency
  3. Damage to property within the hiring company’s possession or when under the hired employee’s care

Professional Liability

  1. Exclusions may exist for placements that may be associated with specific professions
  2. The firm’s vicarious liability for errors and omissions incidents made during the placement of the employee

Employment Practices Liability

  1. Coverage doesn’t apply to suits filed by temporary staffers
  2. Coverage is denied to defend or pay the damages when the staffing agency issued by a temporary employee

With so many concerns to worry about, knowing the full extent of your coverage can be the best protection for your company’s finances. Check with your broker to check on how comprehensive your policy is