The staffing industry is one that involves unique situations. If you’re a staffing agency that provides all types of workers to various companies, it’s essential that you have the right temporary staffing insurance. Similar to a regular employee, a temporary employee can cause financial losses to the company. It’s imperative that you’re covered when it comes time to cover any losses or errors based on the placement of your contract workers. To help ensure that you have the right insurance coverage, look for a staffing service insurance provider that has the following characteristics.


The staffing industry carries with it some unique concerns and opportunities. In order to safeguard your staffing agency against significant loss, look for a staffing service insurance provider that has experience in the industry. It’s beneficial to have professionals on your side that know exactly what type of coverage you need.

Client Retention

In addition to experience, it’s helpful to know if a staffing service insurance provider retains its clients. Excellent temporary staffing insurance providers are those that seek the best interest of clients and offer the services and products needed to succeed.

Statistical Data

A reputable staffing insurance provider has statistical data that identifies and tracks developments. The company should share this data with clients to assist in identifying the right types of temporary staffing insurance. When looking for a good staffing service insurance agency, ensure that they have a significant amount of experience, excellent client retention, and statistical data to help select the right products.