3 Types of Professional Insurance You May Need as an Allied Health Professional

Allied Health Professional Insurance

Today’s society abounds with litigation, and lawsuits can take up an incredible amount of time and money. If you are in the health care industry, it can be very important to protect yourself with allied health professional insurance. There are different types of coverage to consider.

1. Claims Made Coverage

This coverage takes effect if you have an active policy at the time of the alleged incident and that policy is still in effect when a claim is filed. This tends to be the most common type of policy partially because it usually has the lowest premium.

2. Occurrence Coverage

Allied health professional insurance may offer this type of policy, which covers any claims made against you as long as the incident occurred while your policy was active. This type of policy can be extremely beneficial since you can never predict when someone may file a claim.

3. Tails and Prior Acts for Coverage Gaps

If you have a transition period between insurance providers, this type of policy can allow you to report claims even after the termination of your policy. If can also safeguard you against incidents that have already happened but no claim has been filed.

No matter how long you have been in your current position or how clean your track record is, working in the health care industry can always be risky. Protect your assets and your career with allied health professional insurance.