You probably know the modern world is full of careers that didn’t exist even just a few decades ago. However, you may be shocked to learn there are some occupations that are almost as old as civilization itself that still exist today.


Cultivating the land to grow food was pretty much the impetus for modern civilization. Although many innovations and mechanizations have changed modern agriculture, the job still comes down to growing and harvesting crops just as it did thousands of years ago.


Once trade among countries began, dockworkers became necessary to load and unload goods. Seafaring and its related professions have always been dangerous, but today workers enjoy USL&H liability coverage that financially protects them from injuries on the job.


Medicine is one of the oldest professions that has also experienced the most innovation in modern times. Gone are the days when snake oil tinctures and barbaric practices like bloodletting ruled the day. Today, doctors are highly trained specialists whose treatments rely on empirical study and factual data.


In many parts of the world including the U.S., mining is still a lucrative occupation. The hazards of the job are similar to what they were centuries ago, but methods are becoming safer for the workers who are still pulling rocks and minerals from deep below the earth.

It’s easy to think the modern world is far removed from the one of your ancestors. However, seeing the same occupations around today can help forge connections with your forefathers.