Operating a business, whatever the size, invites risks. You need to make sure both personal and corporate assets have protection. Here are five reasons you need business insurance.

1. It makes you look responsible.

Proper business insurance helps you look believable. It builds trust between you and your customers. Insurance reassures them that in the event something goes wrong, you can compensate.

2. Coverage is mandated.

Businesses with employees must carry specific types of insurance such as workers’ compensation coverage. Some contracts you sign may also require insurance. You can find the right policies through a program insurance directory such as the one from Program Business.

3. Insurance keeps operations going.

Should your business be damaged during a natural disaster, the right policies can compensate you for structural damages, lost income, and operating expenses such as rent.

4. Coverage can attract good employees.

Job hunters certainly consider salaries, but they also look for good benefits packages. The better the insurance you provide, the more likely you are to entice and retain reliable employees.

5. Insurance safeguards against lawsuits.

Today’s litigious society poses risks to your business. The proper liability insurance protects you from losing everything—your business as well as personal assets—in the event of a lawsuit.

Your business needs insurance. You cannot predict the future, and a natural disaster or a lawsuit could mean the end without the right coverage. Good business insurance gives you peace of mind so you can focus on your company.