5 Spring Maintenance Tips for Commercial Property

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Though winter is still blanketing many parts of the country, Florida is almost ready for spring. In addition to having commercial property insurance in Orlando, property owners can improve their commercial property with these tips.

Hardscape Maintenance

Hardscape surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, pathways, patios and parking lots see a lot of wear and tear. Power washing the surface and make them look cleaner and last longer. Concrete and paved surfaces can improve the functionality and look of the property.

Landscape Maintenance

As the first buds of spring start opening, it’s time to start trimming and pruning trees, plants and shrubs. Many plants need to be pruned while dormant for better growth and health in the spring.

Clean Up

Debris from winds, snow and ice over the winter can build up on the property. Clearing out the trash, leaves and twigs allows the greenery to catch needed sunlight.

Irrigation Systems

With spring comes the use of irrigation systems. Ensure all heads and sprays function properly and spray where they are needed.

Full Assessment

Assessing the outdoor landscape and building can give you a better idea on what needs to be done. Check for cracks, sinkholes and unsafe conditions that have occurred over the winter.

A little pre-spring maintenance can make your commercial property look amazing. Protect your investment with commercial property insurance in Orlando.