While its great that you have Daniels insurance to protect your life and everything in it, you want to make sure you have enough coverage to give yourself peace of mind. Rather than tweak your homeowners and auto insurance policies until they’re nearly indecipherable insurance equations, consider getting a personal umbrella insurance policy instead.

The Peace of Mind Policy

Umbrella policies are designed to extend the reach of the insurance policies you currently have. Should an incident ever occur that maxes out your current policy coverage and results in several thousands of dollars of damages over your limits, an umbrella policy will keep you from being personally responsible for the difference. Maxed out policies are often the result of excessive medical bills, punitive damages and the collective injuries sustained by multiple individuals in an accident deemed to be your fault.

Overall Affordability

Much like renters insurance, a Daniels insurance umbrella policy is probably more affordable than you may think. Its not unusual to hear of a $1 million umbrella policy costing as little as $200 a year. That’s a small price to pay when you think about possibly having to foot the bill and sell your assets to cover extra costs that your insurance plan cant handle.

If you have a considerable amount in assets or belongings you’d like to remain in your possession, you should give serious thought to an umbrella policy. Even though you may never use it, its always comforting to have.