What Is Construction Liability Insurance

All business owners need basic insurance to protect their employees and themselves from financial loss associated with personal injury and property damage. However, those in construction also should consider the many other risks associated with this industry. Here is a description of construction liability insurance and why you need it. Definition of Construction Liability Insurance […]

Taking Responsibility for Marine Pollution

When you own marine vessels, shipyard businesses, marinas, cargo and other maritime assets, it’s incumbent upon you to make sure that you have the right insurance products to protect you from claims or losses. You might think you’re fully covered with products that address property damage and work operations, but what about marine pollution from […]

What Are the Responsibilities of a Condo Board

A condo board is the elected representatives of a homeowners association and generally includes a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Their job is to carry out the business of the HOA, which boils down to three main responsibilities. 1. Manage and Maintain Managing multifamily housing is a big job. The board must hire contractors […]

4 Innovative Ways To Market Your Insurance Agency

The insurance market has become increasingly competitive over the years. With so many agents vying for the same pool of customers, you’ll need to have an edge over the competition. While some tried and true methods are always useful, here are four innovative ways to market your insurance agency. Brand Recognition It used to be […]

What You Might Not Have Known About Certificate of Financial Responsibility Applications

If you own a marina, run a cargo boat business or operate some other type of marine vessel in US waters, you probably already know that you need to apply for and secure a Certificate of Financial Responsibility, also called COFR or eCOFR in some cases. This certificate essentially guarantees that in the event of […]