Why Insurance Is Needed in the Watercraft Rental Industry

Renters and rental companies both need protection from property damage and personal injury due to water sports. If your company rents watercraft or space to store boats and jet skis, PWC rental insurance is a must to protect yourself from a lawsuit should the unforeseen occur. This type of insurance can also give you peace […]

How to Get Started as a Technical Consultant

The number of individuals working as consultants has risen dramatically in the past decade. The technical industry, in particular, requires a variety of skillsets that bring their own risks. In order to get started, you need the necessary qualifications, consultant insurance and business goals. Qualifications Depending on what type of consulting you plan to pursue, […]

Getting Coverage for Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare facilities can run the risk of accidents no matter what type of care is offered. This could range from a hospital to a clinic or doctor’s office. Getting healthcare facilities insurance is necessary to protect your organization in case something happens. Take a look at the benefits this service can provide. Coverage to Meet […]

Understanding the Importance of Dry-Cleaners Insurance

When starting a new business venture, looking into insurance policies should be high on your priority list. Laundromat and dry cleaner businesses are no exception; you want coverage for several types of damages that can occur in the dry-cleaning industry. Why Make Dry-Cleaners Insurance a Priority? With the help of a professional insurance agency, you […]

The Importance of Human Resources in the Banking Industry

In the wake of several well-publicized scandals, the banking sector has faced increased scrutiny. Ensuring that the organization complies with federal regulations and acts with integrity makes human resources in the banking industry an essential function. Value Alignment Aligning employee behavior with the values of an organization is a key responsibility of human resources. Integrity […]

Could Your Business Benefit From Crime Insurance?

As a business owner, you are susceptible to crime. For example, someone could shoplift your products during business hours or break onto your premises when your building is closed. Sometimes, however, the perpetrator of the crime is a person who works for you. Not only is this a devastating breach of trust, but it could […]

Protect Your Medical Staffing Agency

Medical staffing firms offer a variety of services that can put your company at risk. The types of insurance coverage that you invest in are what protect your company against lawsuits and other claims. Here is what you need to know about the top medical staffing agency insurance coverage. Workers’ Compensation Insurance As a staffing […]

What Is Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance?

Any type of company that has employees driving vehicles needs the right insurance to stay protected from risk. To find the appropriate coverage for your company’s needs, it’s vital to understand what hired and non-owned (HNOA) insurance is. Hired Auto Coverage Hired auto coverage offers adequate protection for the vehicles you rent or borrows for […]

5 Reasons You Need Business Insurance

Operating a business, whatever the size, invites risks. You need to make sure both personal and corporate assets have protection. Here are five reasons you need business insurance. 1. It makes you look responsible. Proper business insurance helps you look believable. It builds trust between you and your customers. Insurance reassures them that in the […]

The 3 Most Common Difficulties Faced by Consultants

As a consultant, you can expect to get small gigs and providing advice to companies regarding several projects or specific situations. This means you may face difficulties when maintaining a stable stream of work. Prepare by learning more about the numerous challenges of consultancy services. Keeping Old Clients  In today’s gig-driven work field, it is […]