How Bar and Tavern Insurance Protects Your Business

bar and tavern insurance

In addition to creating a safe environment for your patrons, make sure you protect your own safety and the security of your business. Bar and tavern insurance can give you the legal and financial protection you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Insurance Reduces Risks and Losses

There are inherent risks in running a bar such as alcohol-related violence and accidents, product contamination, property damage and theft. If a patron files a claim against you or damages your property, your insurance program can protect you from the financial repercussions. If you are not held responsible for a patron’s claim but still accrue legal fees, your insurance can still cover the costs associated with the claim.

Types of Insurance Coverage

Your comprehensive bar and tavern insurance program should include:

  • General liability
  • Liquor liability
  • Assault and battery liability
  • Product liability

Each liability component covers a certain subset of claims. For example, general liability covers accidents and injuries that occur in your bar. However, it does not include accidents or injuries that result after an intoxicated patron is served alcohol at your bar. Instead, your liquor liability insurance provides the coverage.

When you have a solid insurance plan, you are able to worry less and focus more on other important elements of your business. Give yourself peace of mind and let your insurance company handle all your claims.