What kind of recreational marine businesses need boating insurance? The short answer is: All of them. Whether you’re involved in storing, repairing or launching boats, insurance is an important and necessary purchase for your business. Here are some examples of insurance coverage for docks, clubs and repair shops.


Boat Dock Insurance

While it’s nice to hope that no one runs their boat into someone else’s or into important equipment at a dock, it does sometimes happen. Recreational marine insurance at a boat dock can protect you as a dock owner and help recoup losses.


Yacht Club Insurance

Just like a dock, a yacht club has property to protect such as piers, docks and lifts. There may be more employees at a yacht club, so worker’s compensation is also a must. A variety of coverage types are available to protect you, your workers, your club members and their guests.


Boat Repair Insurance

Multiple liability coverage’s are important for boat repair shops, such as general liability, marina operator’s legal liability and pollution cleanup costs. A repair shop is also a place where worker’s compensation is important as repairmen often work with dangerous tools.

If you’re in the boating business, then you need recreational marine insurance. When accidents happen, they’re rarely cheap which is why is saves you money to be prepared. Protect you and your customers by researching the right insurance for your business.