Can You Prevent Workers Comp Fraud?

workers compensation in Virginia

Fraudulent claims impact the productivity of your business and your premiums for workers compensation in Virginia. If you know how to spot potential insurance scams before they occur, you may be able to prevent false claims from affecting your workplace.

Do Your Homework

Before you hire any new employee, conduct a background check and consider drug testing to make sure you are aware of any issues that may cause headaches down the road.

Be Candid

Video equipment can be a great way to protect your company from false workers compensation claims. If deceitful workers know that workplace activity is recorded, they may think twice about faking an injury.

Know the Signs

People who take advantage of workers compensation in Virginia tend to have a few similarities. Some things for employers to be aware of include:

An unstable or overactive work history
Garnished wages for child support or alimony
A criminal record indicating a pattern of deceitful behavior
Unbelievable or embellished explanation of work injuries

Listen to the Grapevine

If other workers seem doubtful of a particular accident or injury, ask them for more information. Analyzing other witness accounts can help clear up confusion surrounding an incident.

Taking the time to investigate potential hires or employees who may have suspicious injuries makes good business sense. If you are able to create an open, honest work place, you may be able to reduce work accidents as well as the chance of workers comp fraud.