The Importance of Human Resources in the Banking Industry

In the wake of several well-publicized scandals, the banking sector has faced increased scrutiny. Ensuring that the organization complies with federal regulations and acts with integrity makes human resources in the banking industry an essential function. Value Alignment Aligning employee behavior with the values of an organization is a key responsibility of human resources. Integrity […]

2 Types of Employees That Need BPL

BPL insurance, or Bankers’ Professional Liability Insurance, can protect every level of employee in your financial institution, but there are two types of employees that it can benefit in ways that may surprise you. New Hires Growing pains on the job are par for the course in any industry, but mistakes in financial institutions can […]

3 Factors that Determine Quality Insurance for Your Lending Institution

Looking for lending insurance for your financial institution? The right company and insurance policy for your business will take into consideration the following three factors. Past History should always be taken into account. The company that provides the insurance should have a well-established and reputable past, proving that it is proficient in the industry. Equally […]