Finding Accident and Injury Coverage

The benefits of a captive insurance company include tax advantages, a better ability to negotiate premiums, control claims settlements, and provide better incentives for return-to-work programs that can help employees after suffering an injury. These groups work like traditional insurers, offering captive workers compensation among other plans. Types of Workers Comp When using a captive […]

Protect Yourself As You Do Your Clients With Insurance Agents E&O

As an insurance agent, you go to bat for your clients on a daily basis. You ensure they have the proper coverage to protect them against property damage, auto accidents, workplace injuries and more. Give yourself the same protection you offer your clients with insurance agents E&O. This doesn’t mean you don’t trust yourself or […]

Three Coverages Specific to Laundromat Insurance

When you speak with an insurance agent about coverage for your Laundromat, you’ll probably cover all the basics such as property, business auto and general liability. Specific to your industry are some other types of coverage that you’ll want to ask about. These Laundromat insurance options include: Box Storage Depending on your policy, items placed […]

Reasons Your Business Needs a Commercial Package Policy

Commercial insurance is one of the most valuable assets available for today’s businesses. Without it, many companies would be exposed to significant risks. Some would be at risk of going out of business. If you are researching commercial insurance, it may be smart to consider a commercial package policy in Carmel. Personalize Based on Your […]

Why You Need Business Owners Policy Insurance in Carmel

All small- and medium-sized businesses can benefit from purchasing a Business Owners Policy (BOP) from their trusted insurance company. While policy and coverage details vary between different insurance providers, BOPs generally bundle property insurance with liability insurance to create an attractive and affordable option for business owners. Additional Coverage Some business owners policies in Carmel […]