Explaining the Need for EPLI

As a business, it is important to protect your operation from all types of risks. One of these that has become more common in today’s workforce is an employee suing their employer. The policies that defend against this fall under what is called Employment Practices Liability Insurance. With recent changes in society as a whole, […]

Smart Tips to Protect Your Boat Business

The open water and the smell of salt air is as essential a part of some people as breathing, and if you’re one of those people and have established your own boat repair and cleaning business, then you know the rewards of working on the water — as well as the risks. Coverage For All […]

Thayer-Ines: Liability Coverage for Camp Leaders

Youth camp is often a happy time to make memories, but it is also often the place where people get injured. To protect your camp from the myriad of inherent risks, your youth camp insurance package needs a lot of liability coverage. Here are a few types of liability to think about purchasing. General Liability […]

Why You Should Have Malpractice Protection

You are an insurance professional who wants the best for your clients. Get the best protection for your business by purchasing malpractice insurance. Here are some reasons why you should have malpractice insurance in Austin. Clients Make Claims Despite best efforts, errors and omissions do occasionally happen. Due to the increased litigious nature of our […]

Reasons to Consider Getting Liability Coverage as a Healthcare Provider

Liability coverage is very important for healthcare providers to have. There are many reasons to have this type of coverage and providers can get it by taking advantage of the specialty insurance programs for home healthcare providers. Here are some of the main reasons to consider getting this insurance right away. It Protects from Lawsuits […]

Three Coverages Specific to Laundromat Insurance

When you speak with an insurance agent about coverage for your Laundromat, you’ll probably cover all the basics such as property, business auto and general liability. Specific to your industry are some other types of coverage that you’ll want to ask about. These Laundromat insurance options include: Box Storage Depending on your policy, items placed […]

A Policy That Is the Whole Package

Businesses that are growing out of their individual insurance coverage often opt for a commercial package policy. A Carmel commercial package policy bundles two or more insurance policies to handle the unique needs of individual businesses. Here are several of the coverage types that are able to be included in a commercial package policy. General […]

Small Business Insurance Options

Business owners have a significant investment to protect, and Austin business insurance coverage is possible for nearly every imaginable risk your company may encounter. It is essential to protect your investment by mitigating the risks associated with unexpected events, such as a lawsuit or an injured employee. Covering Risks There are a variety of business […]