Why You Should Have Malpractice Protection

You are an insurance professional who wants the best for your clients. Get the best protection for your business by purchasing malpractice insurance. Here are some reasons why you should have malpractice insurance in Austin. Clients Make Claims Despite best efforts, errors and omissions do occasionally happen. Due to the increased litigious nature of our […]

Everyone Makes Mistakes: The Importance of Professional Liability Insurance in Indiana

If you are a service-based business in Indiana, you know that providing professional services has surpassed manufacturing as the states leading industry. While your exposure is certainly less tangible, it doesn’t mean that your business is less vulnerable to possible lawsuits. Carrying professional liability insurance in Indiana is important for a coupe of reasons.   […]

Three Ways to Protect Your Practice

Its no secret that medical malfeasance can cost your practice a lot of money. If youve been shopping around for malpractice insurance in Miami, FL, you should be aware of the three kinds of coverage available to you: Claims-Made Coverage -This is the most carried type of medical malpractice policy. It covers the policyholder for […]