How to Safely Night Fish on a Lake from a Boat

One of the primary reasons people live or play on a lake is to catch fish. However, fishing on a boat at night comes with its own safety tips. Here are a few tips to make sure that catch doesn’t come with an unexpected cost. Safety Keep your safety gear readily accessible. This includes a […]

Unique Risks for Marina Insurance

Owning a marina comes with a unique set of risks, and you must be prepared for liabilities that dont exist in other professions. Here are some of the risks your marina insurance plan should address. Charter Boats Charter boat insurance covers two areas of liability: Hull and machinery Protection and indemnity The former protects you […]

3 Ways Marina Insurance Keeps Your Covered

Marina insurance programs have obvious benefits for boat dealers, yacht club owners and similar businesses. However, while most people know that this type of coverage keeps their property and their pockets safe from the various threats that are common in these types of businesses, they don’t know exactly what’s covered throughout these plans. While there […]

Preparing Your Recreational Marine Programs

There are many different types of recreational marine programs for insurance coverage out there. Each of them are designed to suit certain needs that people face in this area of business. The providers of these programs often serve a huge range of clients, all of them different in their size and scope. At the same […]

Where There Are Boats, There Needs to Be Insurance

What kind of recreational marine businesses need boating insurance? The short answer is: All of them. Whether you’re involved in storing, repairing or launching boats, insurance is an important and necessary purchase for your business. Here are some examples of insurance coverage for docks, clubs and repair shops.   Boat Dock Insurance While it’s nice […]