How to Obtain Factory Insurance Before Opening Your Doors for Business

Whether your factory is one that sells straight from the warehouse or is one that distributes to retailers, there are some distinctive qualities that set your company apart from others. Factory insurance is essential in keeping the business running smoothly and ensuring financial stability in the case of an accident or injury. The following are […]

What Should You Do Before You Pick a Yacht Builders Insurance Program?

Have you found yacht builders insurance programs that can actually cover all of your needs? Do you know all of your risks? Before you can select the right program, you need to know a little more about whats available. Common Insurance Risks As a yacht builder, you have a number of liabilities including: Workplace accidents […]

Can You Prevent Workers Comp Fraud?

Fraudulent claims impact the productivity of your business and your premiums for workers compensation in Virginia. If you know how to spot potential insurance scams before they occur, you may be able to prevent false claims from affecting your workplace. Do Your Homework Before you hire any new employee, conduct a background check and consider […]

Should You Invest in Innocent Insured Coverage?

Most professionals who carry professional liability insurance know that typical policies exclude intentional misconduct on the part of policyholders. Unfortunately, this provision can leave innocent individuals exposed to professional liability claims for decisions or actions they had no part in. One way professionals can protect against this risk is through innocent insured coverage.   How […]

Making Sense of Professional Liability

Professional liability coverage is a type of insurance offered to people practice a profession; appraisers, property managers, architects, attorneys, residential brokers, title escrow agents, and consultants are just a few of the people who depend on having solid professional liability coverage. Though this is one of the most frequently-purchased forms of professional insurance, so understanding […]