What Is Fiduciary Liability Coverage?

While most businesses probably don’t view themselves as having a fiduciary duty to customers and they’re probably right, a lot of them do have that duty to their own employees, and many don’t realize it. That’s because companies that provide benefit plans that have value and need to be managed incur those duties, and the […]

Protect Your Medical Staffing Agency

Medical staffing firms offer a variety of services that can put your company at risk. The types of insurance coverage that you invest in are what protect your company against lawsuits and other claims. Here is what you need to know about the top medical staffing agency insurance coverage. Workers’ Compensation Insurance As a staffing […]

Preventing Workers Compensation Fraud

Workers compensation insurance companies offer coverage for your company in the event of employee injury on the job. However, some employees may take advantage of their situation and commit fraud. Techniques An employee may commit fraud by: Exaggerating symptoms to draw out benefits Claiming an unrelated injury occurred while on the job Working at a […]

Why You Should Have Malpractice Protection

You are an insurance professional who wants the best for your clients. Get the best protection for your business by purchasing malpractice insurance. Here are some reasons why you should have malpractice insurance in Austin. Clients Make Claims Despite best efforts, errors and omissions do occasionally happen. Due to the increased litigious nature of our […]

A Policy That Is the Whole Package

Businesses that are growing out of their individual insurance coverage often opt for a commercial package policy. A Carmel commercial package policy bundles two or more insurance policies to handle the unique needs of individual businesses. Here are several of the coverage types that are able to be included in a commercial package policy. General […]

3 Reasons You Need Convenience Store Insurance

Convenience stores are different from any other establishments on the planet, thanks to their ability to specialize in so many different areas. Your business offers food, drink, gas, liquor and more. With so many potential threats, its important to keep yourself protected financially with convenient stores insurance. You may want to consider contacting a professional […]

What a Workers Comp MGA Will Tell You to Tell Your Employees

Any business owner would be wise to get a workers compensation insurance policy. It is just good to have in the event someone gets hurt while at work. With that being said, there are a few things your workers comp MGA will tell you that you should really pass onto your employees. Know What Hospitals […]

3 Types of Professional Insurance You May Need as an Allied Health Professional

Today’s society abounds with litigation, and lawsuits can take up an incredible amount of time and money. If you are in the health care industry, it can be very important to protect yourself with allied health professional insurance. There are different types of coverage to consider. 1. Claims Made Coverage This coverage takes effect if […]

Common Workers Compensation Claims

Business owners are well aware that they need adequate protection for their employees, like the coverage offered by Daniels insurance, but they should also know the most common instances that require workers compensation claims. This knowledge can go a long way in preventing workplace accidents and avoidable claims. Overexertion Rather than employees who work more […]