Why Should I Choose an Independent Insurance Agency?

Myers Insurance Agency

When shopping for insurance, youre most likely to see agents that represent a particular companyfor example, Allstate or State Farm. However, you may want to switch companies, or you may be looking for brand new home or auto coverage if youre a first-time driver or homeowner. Either scenario might warrant choosing an independent agent in the Champaign-Urbana area such as Myers Insurance Agency. Purchasing your policies from an independent agent affords you several potential benefits.

More Choices for You

Probably the most obvious advantage to choosing an independent agent is the access to a wider range of insurance choices. Thats because independents arent tied down to just one carrier, so they can offer a vast array of products that best suit your budget and coverage needs. Whether you opt to bundle your coverage or you need a customized insurance solution, indie agents have the flexibility to help you meet your needs.

Independent Agents Offer Better, Unbiased Service

Additionally, an indie agency such as Myers Insurance Agency may be more invested in helping you save money with risk-management strategies that benefit you, as they arent beholden to promoting one carriers products. This impartiality gains you yet another advantage, because the agent can better advocate for you as the insured party when it comes to claims. To ensure you get the best deals and service, an unaffiliated insurance agency may be your best bet.