Choosing Experienced Marina Insurance Brokers

Choosing Experienced Marina Insurance Brokers

Insuring marinas, boat yards and boat dealerships can be a complicated business. Marinas and yacht clubs have far more factors at play than businesses that are relegated to dry land, and because of this you need to find an experienced insurance agent who you can trust and who can stick with you over time. As your business expands and changes, you will want someone familiar with the dynamics of your company and your clientele to have your back.

Multi-use Facilities

If your marina includes dining facilities, boat and equipment rentals, retail shops or repair and storage facilities, you will need to be able to insure more than just boats. The following coverages will keep you and your employees safe in most situations, and can be discussed with your marina insurance brokers:

  • Liability
  • Property
  • A variety of supplemental coverages

Managing Risk

Aside from property and liability insurance, you may find your business will also need coverage specific to your facility, such as pollution liability, employee benefits liability and even liquor or bar insurance for the clubhouse. There is a lot to consider when researching marina insurance brokers, so get your ducks in a row before choosing the agency that will keep your business ship-shape under all sorts of situations.