Choosing the Best Insurance for VNAs

Specialty Insurance for VNAs

Healthcare professionals working for Visiting Nursing Associations (VNAs) face all types of uncertainties and dangers when they walk into a patient’s home. Loose railings, crumbling steps and dim lighting are just a few examples. That’s why investing in the right specialty insurance for VNAs is so important.

Finding the Right Policy for Your Employees

VNAs have been caring for homebound patients for more than 100 years, and they are regarded as the first social service organization to care for patients in this capacity. One option to protect them is professional liability coverage, which is also known as malpractice insurance. This type of policy covers services provided on a daily basis by a variety of healthcare professionals. It can be tailored to different health care niches such as hospice providers, home healthcare workers and medical staffing firms. Other types of insurance available for VNAs include the following:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Non-owned and hired auto
  • Insurance coverage for regulatory audits
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability

Having Specialty Insurance Will Bring Peace of Mind

Without insurance, VNAs could risk financial ruin. If an employee makes a mistake or a manager makes an error, the entire institution could be responsible. Caring for patients in their homes offers many challenges compared to working in a hospital. Choosing the right specialty insurance for VNAs will provide many years of protection and give peace of mind as these professionals perform their services.