Business owners are well aware that they need adequate protection for their employees, like the coverage offered by Daniels insurance, but they should also know the most common instances that require workers compensation claims. This knowledge can go a long way in preventing workplace accidents and avoidable claims.


Rather than employees who work more than they should, overexertion refers to employees who lift, pull or push more weight than they should. Overexertion causes injury in the joints and muscles, which can lead to filing a workers compensation claim. Its best that workers know their limits, work together to shift massive weights and use proper moving equipment to avoid injuries.

Bodily Reaction

This type of accident occurs when an employee suddenly trips or falls and reacts in a way that causes the very harm the individual is trying to avoid. For instance, a person throws her or his hands out while falling to catch him or herself, but suffers from a hand or wrist injury instead. While there is really no way to keep the body from reacting, employers can eliminate tripping and slipping hazards from the workplace.

Falling From a Height

Employees can fall from ladders, down stairs or from great heights. Proper safety equipment and safety measures go a long way in preventing these accidents and their resulting Daniels insurance claims.

Putting the above suggestions to use and securing comprehensive insurance policies can help avoid serious injuries that call for equally serious workers compensation claims.