If you run a business and are wondering what type of insurance coverage to purchase, it may be a good idea to speak to an agent. They can help you determine what will be right for your business. If you run a manufacturing business, you will almost always need some type of factory insurance coverage. The following are some examples of companies that will need it.

Companies that manufacture clothing will need this type of coverage. They deal with big machines and sharp objects that could injure employees or visitors to the factory. General liability and workers compensation could cover those types of injuries. Errors and omissions might be important in the policy if the clothing ends up with some sort of defect.

Candy makers might also want to consider factory or manufacturing insurance. Many people in the world will get their hands on the product, and it is important that you protect yourself in case of a lawsuit. Your property can be protected with the right policy, making it less stressful if a machine breaks down or you experience vandalism.

Of course, these are only two examples from a very long list of companies that could benefit from factory insurance. If you deal with manufacturing of any type, speak to an insurance agent to determine which type of coverage will benefit you most.