For any marine dealership, insurance is meant to cover incidents on and off your property. You will, of course, have the typical sort of insurance anyone selling a product at a physical location needs; but there’s the added marine aspect when buying, selling or servicing boats, yachts and other water craft. Additionally, offering test drives on any nearby waterfront adds its own liabilities to the mix. So if you own or operate a marine dealership, you will want experienced and reputable recreational marine insurance brokers helping you find coverage which is both comprehensive and affordable.

Insurance for a dealership needs to cover the ownership and financial contracts you sign with customers, time spent on the water, any repairs you’ve made to boats you are selling, and employee coverage for anyone who works for you. Contract insurance is important to protect you and your customer. Time spent on the water is very important to purchase insurance for, as the owner of the boat out on a test drive, you need to know your liability responsibility. If you’re selling used boats, then insuring your repairs prevents costs to you in the case of an accident. Lastly, providing employee insurance is not just the right thing to do, there are legal aspects to consider as well.