Crime insurance is a confusing topic for many small business owners because it’s not a necessity for every business, but companies that don’t need it yet often grow into companies that do. On top of that, the type of coverage you need varies according to the risks you face. The right crime insurance protection needs to be built around your actual risks. Is your company more likely to face employee theft or embezzlement than burglary or outright theft of inventory? Does it face risks from all of these categories? There are also cyber-crime risks to be considered, and they vary by how online your business has become.

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Working with experienced crime insurance professionals means being able to count on their assessment of your business’s exposure to risk, based on the size and location of your facilities, the valuables kept on site, and other factors that affect your risk. That way, they can help you get just the right mix in your crime protection coverage, with limits that make sense for the size of your business right now. They also make updating your insurance information easier, since you have one policy that covers both your risk of crime from outside sources and your risk of loss due to employee crime.