Don't Let Your Collector Car Insurance Lapse

Don't Let Your Collector Car Insurance Lapse

If you live in a community where the weather prevents you from enjoying your antique or classic car throughout the winter, it’s tempting to put your collector car insurance on hold, but there are a number of reasons why this isn’t a good idea.

The previous season may have had your beautiful car in the garage from December to March with snowy and icy days. That is no indication of what the weather conditions will be this year. What happens when you get that beautiful sunny day? You can’t take your classic ride out on the road without risking your financial resources. When you maintain your collector car insurance throughout the year, you never have to worry about it when you want to go for a drive.

Another reason to keep your car insured is to protect it in storage. You may have your vehicle completely secured and locked, but that won’t prevent a thief with a purpose. Nor will it prevent a tornado or hurricane from taking off the roof to the garage and dumping water, trees, and other debris on your expensive classic vehicle.

Even if you are restoring your vehicle and not driving it, maintain your collector car insurance while it’s in the shop to protect your asset. You can’t ever be sure that it won’t be damaged when it’s not in your care. You’ll sleep better with insurance on your collector car.