Educating Non-Profits on Insurance Protection Coverage

Educating Non-Profits on Insurance Protection Coverage

The insurance requirements for every non-profit organization vary. For that reason, an agency that provides insurance for non profit organizations can assess risk exposures and determine coverage features appropriate for your business. Furthermore, providing an education of the insurance basics for non-profits helps businesses understand why protection is crucial.


General Liability


General liability coverage protects non-profits against claims for property damage and personal injuries sustained on your premises. It is critical that the general liability policy is in place. Also important is directors and officer liability coverage that protects the non-profit from allegations such as failure to hire, sexual harassment, or wrongful termination.


Auto Coverage


Coverage for autos protects a business against third-party claims regardless of whether the vehicles are owned by the company or the employee. Coverage options include physical damage to the vehicle and theft. Excess auto liability coverage protects non-profits from the risk of substantial financial loss if the employee is at fault.


Workers’ Compensation


Job-related illnesses and injuries that employees sustain while performing their job duties are covered by a workers’ compensation policy. In some instances, the law requires this policy. Benefits for non-profits include protection for negligence.


Other coverages protect your company from various risk exposures. Educating yourself on insurance for non profit organizations ensures that coverage features are in place to protect your business should damage, accident, or injury occur on your premises. This allows non-profits to continue assisting those in need.


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