No matter what you do, your business relies on equipment. Your office has computers, copiers, fax machines, and printers. Your warehouse has electronic inventory tracking systems and forklifts. Your recreational facility has grounds and pool maintenance equipment. Every business has equipment and needs equipment breakdown insurance in CT.

The Special Problems This Poses

As technology has advanced, it has created a new set of problems every business owner must face and that is his or her equipment breaking down. When the machinery breaks down, the business breaks down, and customers react in negative ways. Rather than understanding, customers expect everything to work at all times, even though theyve experienced the same first-world problem.

The Consequences to Business Owners

Failing machinery interrupts operations, and depending on the duration, it can cost a company a tremendous amount of money. Lost revenue, refunds, and even lawsuits plague businesses when their equipment disrupts production. Equipment breakdown insurance in CT can mitigate your loss by covering

  • Equipment repair or replacement and its related labor
  • Profit loss due to business interruption
  • Restoration costs, including temporary production increases
  • Replacement costs of perishable goods

Contact a qualified company today to discuss how breakdown insurance in CT can protect you against unexpected losses. In todays technological world, no business can afford to go without it.