Errors and Omissions Insurance for Miscellaneous Professionals

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Miscellaneous Professionals

Running an insurance agency means making sure that you have policies that can fit every profession. Some professions have insurance policies that are specifically tailored to their needs. What do you offer for the others? Liability insurance for miscellaneous professionals is an incredibly important type of insurance policy that can help many different professionals.

Diverse Professions Served

There are many professions that are covered under this type of insurance that would typically be left out of other specialized errors and omissions policies. Professionals including broadcasters, publishers, lobbyists and travel agents, as well as dozens of others, can all be covered by this type of policy. Offering a policy that covers multiple professions is an excellent choice for any agency because it shows that you care about more than just select businesses. By providing this coverage, you are proving that you care about all of your potential clients and their needs.


These policies are customizable in order to provide the exact coverage that a professional needs. There are standard features that are included in most every policy, but there is a selection of additional types of coverage that can be added to the policy. This allows the professional to have the exact coverage they need and nothing that would be unnecessary for their career.

When you are looking to insure the highest number of people, be sure you include liability insurance for miscellaneous professionals. This type of policy allows you to insure more professions that typically offered by standard insurance agencies.