Experts Get Protection They Need with Professional Liability Policy

To rise in the ranks and earn a designation as an expert in your field is a major accomplishment. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, information technology specialist, real estate agent, architect, or other type of certified expert, to achieve that designation required completing many years of study, taking myriad examinations, becoming certified by the pertinent governing organizations, and so on.  After spending all that time, effort, and considerable money to become an expert in your field, why put everything at risk by not being protected with coverage in the event of professional liability claims?

This important insurance helps protect you should you, in the course of providing your services to clients, face a claim alleging negligent actions, errors or omissions. The policy pays for the often substantial fees and legal costs associated with defense from a lawsuit, regardless of the outcome; consisder that even if the suit is found to be groundless, court costs are racked up, all the same.

This kind of protection came in handy for Rebecca, who works as a web designer. When a site she built for a client crashed and was down for days until Rebecca could fix the problem, the client claimed the loss cost him thousands of dollars in lost revenue—and attempted to sue Rebecca to recover what he felt was owed to him. The case took months to resolve and Rebecca ultimately was not judged liable, yet the fees she incurred to retain a lawyer (at $250 per hour) added up to a substantial amount that would have crippled her business if she would have had to foot the bill herself entirely.

You’ve worked hard to distinguish yourself as an expert in your field; don’t let the specter of a lawsuit put all you’ve accomplished at risk. To lean more about how professional liability claims can damage your business–and avoid this exposure with the proper insurance program—contact an insurance agent today.