Finding the Right Nursing Home Insurance

Nursing homes are changing and developing to meet the needs of seniors who are living longer with better healthcare. Your patients expect more than ever in a nursing home, and the market is getting more competitive. It’s important that your insurance company understand your unique needs and helps you find the right coverage to protect your staff, volunteers, and patients during this fragile time of life. Work with an insurance specialist to find the appropriate nursing home insurance for your organization.

When discussing your nursing home insurance needs, be honest and upfront with your agent. Their knowledge of the industry will help you manage your risk when they understand what you do. They need to know everything about your facility and patients. Your staff faces additional risks of neck strains and back injuries if you have many bedridden patients who need lifting and moving. You may not provide transportation services, thus, you dont need this type of insurance. Depending on the makeup of your business, you may benefit from a directors and officers policy that protects your facility from bad decision by your board.

Give your insurance company a change to provide risk assessment and provide resources for training and risk management. Design a plan that meets the needs of your business without paying for coverage that you dont need. Work with a company that knows the nursing home insurance industry for the best service. Manage your costs while providing care to your patients that fills a need in your community.


photo credit: Grandma II (license)