Finding Your Commercial Auto Coverage

Commercial vehicle insurance is a different animal from coverage for your personal car. While you expect personal insurance to vary by vehicle size, type, and value, commercial auto coverage tends to vary by the vehicle’s purpose as well, and additional liability protections or risk coverages might be needed for certain industries. That means insurance programs for commercial auto coverage need to be tuned to the industry you work in as much as they are the vehicle you cover.

Insurance for Transportation Industries

Trucking companies and other businesses with vehicles that deliver customer goods need to be sure their coverage takes care of the truck and driver as well as the client’s goods, otherwise they stand to face financial exposure in cases where customers’ goods get damaged and the company bears liability. That can make coverage more expensive, but since you are essentially bundling basic vehicle coverage with professional liability insurance it actually streamlines expenses to get into industry-specific programs for commercial auto coverage.

Pursuing a Quote

The best way to get an effective quote is to make contact with an agency or carrier who focuses on your industry as specifically as possible. Often, that means they do offer broad commercial vehicle coverage, but with specialized programs and teams that each have the experience to work with their specific range of industries. That makes it easy for them to offer accurate, tailored quotes when you call.