Five Tips for Growing Your Agency

insurance agent marketing ideas

The prevalence of insurance needs and providers might make your job securing new clients harder. While the competition is steep, here are five insurance agent marketing ideas to keep your office fresh and drive growth.

Truly know your clients. Pay attention to each detail and fully absorb the moments that make each encounter with your customers unique. Anticipate their questions, send thank you notes, and be accessible.

Be mobile friendly. Technology has placed some wonderful resources at your disposal. Tap into apps, social media and text-based connections.

Develop referral partnerships. Connect with fellow businessmen and enter into referral agreements. Offer referral incentives for current clients.

Get your foot in the door. If you are looking to expand your commercial accounts, order foot-shaped cookies with a note reading “Trying to get a foot in the door.” Leave the cookies and your contact information with the proper personnel.

Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. Drive traffic to your website with your contact information on all communication, but offer teasers of upcoming promotions, past successes or tidbits of information that can only be found online.

If you are looking for more insurance agent marketing ideas, there are a host of resources found online, in addition to companies who make growing your business their business.