Get Help Finding an Insurance Program for Your CAA

Your Community Action Agency career is rewarding but challenging. Sometimes you find yourself trying to find solutions for issues that do not directly touch the community, and these tasks feel more like you are working in a cubicle for a big corporation. If one of the tasks that keep you from outreach work is finding insurance coverage, you need to find a provider that offers specialized insurance for Community Action Agencies.

Specialized CAA Insurance Policies

Your agency is different than most organizations. You need an insurance coverage plan that reflects those differences. General liability may cover many of your needs, but it is crucial to your agency and the people it serves that you have proper protection. Some additional coverage that CAAs may need include:

  • Sexual abuse liability
  • Excess liability
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Crime and accident insurance

You may not have considered these and other forms of coverage if you are not working with an insurance provider with expertise in CAA coverage.

Finding a Provider

The best insurance group for your needs will have experience providing insurance for Community Action Agencies. These providers are knowledgeable about the challenges CAAs face and the types of protection needed as a result. Find the proper provider by searching for groups who specify that they offer CAA insurance programs.

You don’t need to spend your time researching insurance plans for your agency. The right insurance provider can relieve you of the task of searching for coverage, letting you get back to your important CAA work.