Going After Leads with a Stronger Phone Presence

An important part of growing your business depends on not only generating but converting a steady source of quality insurance sales leads. Before you have an opportunity to convert prospects into clients, you have to make sure that the phone skills of your team are up to the challenge. Here are some basics that can enhance the conversation:

  • Pause briefly between pronunciation of your first and last name to make it easier for the prospect to understand, especially if your name is long, unusual, or otherwise difficult to understand by most.
  • Have a script to follow that you’ve practiced frequently and are comfortable reading, yet be prepared to know how to respond should you get a question that is not covered in the FAQs.
  • If this is the first contact you’ve had with a prospect, use the friendlier phrase “We haven’t met yet,” as opposed to “You don’t know me.” The former establishes hope and respect, while the latter tends to invite hang-ups.
  • Provide small pieces of information. A long paragraph of information will only serve to bore or confuse the prospect.
  • Make sure you repeat details about next steps or a meeting to confirm its accuracy.
  • Don’t terminate the call until you can hear that the prospect has hung up the call on his or her end; hearing you unplug and move on to the next caller gives prospects the feeling that the conversation they just had wasn’t a true one-on-one communication but an assembly line sales event.
  • Capture notes just after the call while the information is still fresh so you or anyone else following up will know the gist of the call and what is supposed to happen next.
  • Be respectful of prospects’ time, using phrases such as “I appreciate and value your time,” and “With your permission,” rather than just launching into your routine.
  • Record the calls that you and your team make so that you can later review them; the tapes can be a very specific training tool that spotlights areas of weakness as well as strengths that your sales force exhibits.

Apply these suggestions as preparation for mining insurance sales leads, and you and your sales team may soon see a higher number of conversions.