The international shipping industry has made an undisputed and major contribution to global transportation & logistics. The shipping industry has historically resulted in making certain that goods from around the globe can be shipped and received to those businesses and consumers who require items often not available from local distributors. But with this great responsibility comes even greater risks, and many of these companies are experiencing significantly volatile conditions when performing their tasks.

Transportation and logistic service providers operate with a lot of exposures that threaten the fabric of their companies, and must constantly secure themselves against operational risks such as damage to freight and vessels, delays resulting in spoiled goods and dissatisfied clients, and the looming threat of piracy. With so much concern, and there are certainly other considerations as well, those in the business of transportation and logistics have some very demanding insurance requirements.

It is an industry that is highly affected by changes in the international economic and political environment. The instability of some regions may play an even bigger role in the ability to ship and receive goods and cargo in some areas, coupled with concerns over ever-increasing regulations, volatility in financial markets, technological breakthroughs and environmental concerns, all of which have added to an already challenging business environment.

This creates even more issues that need to be addressed, and this also means that many experienced shipping executives have to add these additional concerns to the equation when determining how to better protect their investments.

Risk management can help to avoid certain risks

Risk management is designed to analyze and react to all potentially occurring risks. Having proper control systems are equally as important as the training of employees and their having a clearly defined idea about crisis management. Otherwise clients that experience financial damage might decide to change over to a competitor.

The risks faced by these transportation companies are not anything like what a typical company must address and liability, property, and other exposures are a real concern, and addressing these emerging risks with broad, comprehensive insurance coverage and effective risk management can only help to mitigate losses. After all, those operating as today’s logistic service providers need to implement a risk management strategy that will make their job less difficult.

Speak to a reputable agency, experienced in this line of coverage and who are also focused on assisting companies in the shipping industry face these emerging challenges and and can help with the success of those working in this exciting industry.


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