Does Your Home Healthcare Business Need Professional Liability Insurance?

With the baby boomer generation continuing to age, the need for professional and qualified home healthcare professionals grows exponentially. An increasing elderly population leads to enhanced need for post-surgical home care following a hospital stay, as well as additional duties that require the work of well-trained professionals, such as physical therapy or the delivery or particular medications and procedures. Most individuals prefer to recover at home as opposed to a hospital when possible, and this has led to both a surge in home healthcare businesses and an increased need for insurance for home healthcare agency.

When you’re in charge of a home healthcare business, you’re also on the hook for the actions of your staff. Here’s a look at why home healthcare professional liability insurance can help you in the event of an unexpected event, accident or even lawsuit.

Because Accidents Happen

Any career that combines the elderly population and health issues is inherently risky. While injuries and illnesses are likely to occur, accidents can also come as the result of administrative errors, or those that involve the improper administration of medicine.

Because You’re in an Emotionally Charged Business

Healing the elderly is an emotionally charged business for all involved, from the afflicted individual to their family members. Professional liability insurance covers your business in the event that a communication breakdown occurs between the family or patient and the caregiver, which can lead to lawsuits or costly court battles.

Because of the obvious risks involved in running a home healthcare business, insurance for home healthcare agency is essential for both peace of mind and continued business success.