Hot-weather Driving Puts Special Emphasis on Tire Safety

Safe driving starts with a good foundation—in this case, the four tires that carry the burden of your vehicle and everyone in it. Caring for your tires is important year-round but particularly so in the hot summer months, when soaring temperatures, high speed, long trips, and heavy loads often combine. To avoid triggering a Mansfield, CT car insurance claim, make sure you observe the following tips:

Start with a basic check of all tires. Perform a visual inspection to spot signs of wear, damage, or underinflation. There should be sufficient, even tread on all the tires—deep enough so that a penny inserted head-first into the groove reaches at least to the top of Lincoln’s head. (Thanks, Abraham!) Tread helps with stopping as well as steering, so never let tires get to the point where they’re “bald.”

Measure inflation frequently. Tire inflation can be tricky to gauge just on a visual basis, so use a tire pressure gauge frequently, especially before setting out on a long trip. Perform the check when the tires are cold for a more accurate reading, and consult the recommended inflation pressure for your vehicle (typically found in the glove compartment). Underinflated tires don’t perform as well, will reduce gas mileage and will wear out faster; overinflated tires can result in tire failure as well, so make sure inflation pressure is right on target.

Slow down. Driving at a high rate of speed for a long time in hot weather can heat up the tires to a dangerous level. Vary the rate of speed, and always obey the posted speed limit.

When it comes to summer road trips, half the fun is getting there. Check the tires, drive safely, and check with your professional insurance agent to make sure that your Mansfield, CT car insurance coverage is in top shape before setting off.