How can a PEO Insurance Help Your Company?

How can a PEO Insurance Help Your Company?

Professional Employer Organizations, or PEO, was just recently defined in the federal tax code that defines the duties and roles of a PEO. More businesses are trying to cut costs, and they look toward outsourcing human resources and staffing responsibilities. This co-employment service is popular with small to medium-sized businesses that lack the resources necessary to perform in-house functions such as these, and PEO insurance may become an important option for them.

The Demands of the Staffing Industry Are Changing

As the needs and demands of the staffing industry change, your clients may need to protect themselves, their operation and assets from increasing risk exposures. The staffing industry spreads itself out over a wide field and may find itself with many liability or risk exposures.

Unique Insurance Coverage May be Needed

Because of the various risk exposures involved and to protect their assets, policies are now available for staffing industry insurance. By learning more about the various portfolios available for insurance coverage, you can provide your staff with comprehensive knowledge to help them make the correct decisions for their protection.

PEO’s are third-party entities which offer services for the management of employee benefits, payroll, human resources and workers compensation. PEO insurance can help staffing clients protect themselves from risk exposures that are continually growing. Find out more about this unique coverage and what benefits it can provide to your company.