There are many hidden risks of running your own business that can ruin your profits or company if you are not prepared. Commercial general liability insurance is designed to protect your business in the case of common legal problems arising from running a business. This insurance is designed to help cover the legal defense costs that will keep your business afloat. This general liability insurance covers aspects of rental property damage, bodily injury, and allegations of slander and libel.

Property Damage Coverage

When your business utilizes rental property for your operations, you could be held liable if this property is damaged. Commercial general liability insurance will help you cover the costs of legal fees when you are legally responsible for such damage.

Bodily Injury Coverage

Your company might operate machinery that puts your employees or others at increased risk of bodily damage. In this case, liability insurance can be a critical asset to your company. Additionally, bodily injury can occur in many safe industries and even in office environments through simple accidents or especially if your employees are required to drive vehicles as part of their job responsibilities. Commercial general liability insurance will help cover the legal costs and the medical payments resulting from bodily injury. Protect the company for which you work so hard with general liability insurance.