In the insurance marketing business, you must be able to reach out to potential clients. X dates are the expiration dates for a person’s insurance policy. How can commercial insurance xdates help your agency reach clients?

Clients May Switch Agencies

Many businesses consider changing insurance carriers when they reach the expiration date of their policy. Some may do this because they believe the cost is too high or that the policies do not offer the necessary benefits. Sometimes, there are better insurance companies and a client may not be able to explore the other options until time runs out on their current policy. If you contact a potential client when he or she is considering a change, you are more likely to secure a client.

Clients Value Customer Service

To reach out to clients to discuss insurance options shows the client that you value customer service. If he or she is on the cusp of changing insurance carriers, you can discuss the importance of cost and benefits, not to mention how you could better protect their business. Show potential clients that your company values its clients to win them over.

There are a lot of ways that you can generate leads for your insurance company. One of these ways is through software that automates x dates.