Recruiting, hiring, and retaining quality workers are one of the trickiest aspects of any business. However, knowledge is power, and a plethora is readily available for those who know how to use it. Find out how using employee and applicant analytics can improve your staffing capabilities.

Staffing Analytics

Analytics refers to any information gleaned from analyzing data or statistics in a systematic way. Employment applications usually include questions about work history, demographics, and education. When these data are used to solve problems or improve practices in hiring, the process is known as staffing analytics.

Uses for Hiring

Staffing companies using data to answer questions about potential employees have an advantage over those who ignore it. It is a relatively new way to approach human resources, and research has shown it to boost performance. Here are some of the ways you can use staffing analytics it to your business’s advantage:

  • Locate best talent
  • Analyze skill sets of existing employees
  • Assess candidates
  • Improve ROI by saving time and effort
  • Predict best time to hire
  • Increase diversity in workforce

By using data you already have and implementing staffing analytics into your existing procedures, your company can not only become more efficient in its hiring practices, but can create a more qualified and sustainable workforce.