With classic cars, it is important to make sure that they are always protected with Classic Cars Insurance in Alexandria, VA because they are investments worth much more than your average car. Unlike everyday auto insurance, Classic Cars Insurance in Alexandria, VA includes plans for each individual car.

A classic car is typically seen as one that is older than 25 years old and has been maintained impeccably through the years so that it is still similar in quality to how it was at the beginning of its life;

In addition to obtaining Alexandria VA Classic Cars Insurance, owners of classic cars should be aware of several things that could cause damage to their investments. These include:

  • Non-use: It is important to run the car from time to time to ensure that it is still able to run and to be able to identify any problems as they arise.
  • Improper storage: It is important to drain the fluids from the car to prevent deterioration
  • Rodents: Rodents can get into the car and chew wires, making it unsafe to drive.
  • Road salts: Without being cleaned off the car as soon as possible, these can cause serious damage to the paint on the car.
  • Old tires: Despite looking fine due to the limited use that classic cars usually get, old tires are susceptible to dry rot, allowing them to burst easily and cause more damage to your car.
  • Bad driving habits: If a driver is driving a classic car, bad driving habits can be all the more harmful to the internal mechanics of the car, causing more problems with the car and a higher bill for the person maintaining it.
  • Inadequate security: By leaving a car unlocked or in a space where it is not protected, especially if it is extremely distinguishable will increase the probability of the car being stolen.
  • Non-original parts: Upgrading parts of the car will not kill the car, but it will depreciate the value of it.

Using all of these tips to protect your classic car is essential to protecting your long-term investment. While it is important to take care of any car, classic cars require a special kind of maintenance to ensure that they continue to run for many years to come. While Classic Cars Insurance in Alexandria, VA might not cover as much everyday driving possibilities, it allows for a car to be covered without accounting for depreciation, as would be the case with the average car.


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