How to Shop for Insurance as a Boat Manufacturer

boat builders insurance

Boat manufacturers, as with many businesses, vary significantly. Boat builders have a specialized craft that calls for complete precision. It doesn’t matter who your clients are. Likewise, it does not matter the type of craft you build. The common ground that all builders have is the need for boat builders insurance.

How to Choose an Insurance Provider

Boat manufacturer’s insurance is complex. It’s best if you work with an insurance company that is experienced in this particular industry. You will need a variety of coverages. For instance, your company needs:

  • Property Coverage
  • Liability Coverage

Each of these coverages comes with a wide range of policies. These policies have to fit your particular business. Choose a provider who has the experience and understands the types of policies that you’re going to seek out.

What Specific Coverages to Look For

When it comes to boat builders insurance, look for these specific coverages:

  • Coverage for sea trials
  • Coverage for pollution
  • Coverage for incomplete products
  • Coverage for broad liability
  • Coverage for heavy equipment
  • Coverage for boats under construction
  • Coverage for delivery and transit

Naturally, these are not the only coverages that you should hunt for, but it’s a great starting point.

When it comes to your boat manufacturing company’s protection, you need insurance.