How Website Design Affects Conversion Rates and Lead Generation

insurance agency website design

If you spend any time on the web, you’re bound to run across a poorly designed website. Often your interest is immediately lost and you move on to something else. Good insurance agency website design, on the other hand, captures the interest of potential customers, engages them and converts window shoppers into buyers.

Limit Available Choices

Offer the most important choices to customers. Limiting the number of options available allows an individual to make a faster decision. A call to action with a small handful of blog posts and/or social media posts with a limited navigation menu can direct shoppers where you want them to go.

Showcase Your Brand

Every aspect of your insurance agency website design should showcase your brand. Colors should evoke the emotions you want in the viewer. The information on the pages should match the message you want to send out.

Grab Their Attention

Most people move on from a webpage in eight seconds. Grab their attention fast with attention-grabbing imagery, interactive content, exit popups and headlines. Simple, short, eye-catching items capture the viewer’s attention keeping them interested in your pages.

If all this seems overwhelming, hire a professional to create an insurance agency website design that generates more leads and increases conversion rates. The money spent pays for itself in new clients you may not have had otherwise.