What Is Included in Trucking Liability Insurance?

trucking liability insurance program

Chances are that if your business clients engage in any type of shipping or moving, they will be looking for a good trucking liability insurance program. When you offer these programs, you can help them cover property damage and bodily damage liabilities associated with vehicle accidents.

Property Damage Liability

What really sets trucking insurance apart from the average vehicle insurance is that fact that the costs associated with a large truck accident are going to be bigger, so the coverage needs to reflect that. If a driver is found responsible for an accident, he or she may need to pay for the repair of other vehicles and even buildings and other structures. Your client may also be responsible for the damage to the items being transported.

Bodily Damage Liability

While you can’t prevent every accident, you can be held liable for the damage caused by that accident, including any injuries sustained by the parties involved. The right insurance can help your clients pay the medical bills associated with accidents without bankrupting their companies.

A good trucking liability insurance program can help cover your client for the things that they need without including the costs of coverage they don’t need. Fortunately, you can help them find these programs, to offer a more complete package.