Insurance Coverage is Crucial to a Successful Business

Business Insurance Paramus New Jersey

Business Insurance Paramus New Jersey

When choosing commercial insurance, it’s important to be aware of what exactly your company needs. By choosing business insurance in Paramus New Jersey, you can rest easy knowing that your business is covered in the event of uncontrollable circumstances.


Before selecting a plan, it is important to know the difference between specific insurance terms:


Commercial General Liability


A commercial general liability policy will protect you from damages or injuries incurred by third parties due to your company’s operations. While it is crucial to have a general liability policy in place, there are limits to such coverage, and these policies should be appended with additional coverage.


Business Owners Policy


A business owners insurance policy offers more comprehensive coverage in one convenient package. A business owners policy can include coverage of property, equipment breakdown resulting in financial losses, business interruptions dues to unforeseen circumstances, crime, auto liability, as well as a number of other situations or scenarios. This coverage is ideal for smaller businesses.


Commercial Package Policy


A commercial package policy can be tailored to your specific needs. Similar to the business owners policy, this policy offers a range of coverage that can be added to as a business expands. This plan grows with your company, offering comprehensive coverage as needed.


No matter what type of coverage you choose, business insurance in Paramus New Jersey is crucial to the success of your company, as well as your peace of mind.