Insurance Coverage Options for California Marinas

Insurance for California marinas

When assessing types of insurance for California marinas, operators might want to factor in the types of property they need to insure. Marinas are uniquely situated on land and water, causing unique exposures to risk and insurance needs. The high value of marina property can make it imperative that operators insure against large losses due to weather, vandalism, theft, or personal liability. A carefully chosen bundle of different types of insurance could help to minimize risk, particularly for marinas that offer special services ranging from regattas to repairs.

It is better to be fully protected against a broad range of eventualities than risk having claims rejected due to insufficient coverage or even facing full liability. Insurance for California marinas can be costly, but this regular expense is probably much less than the full cost of potential property damage or legal liabilities incurred by an underinsured marina. The best options may be available through a network of top-tier insurance providers.

As a marina grows its operations or changes its services, it might be necessary to reassess the levels of risk and insurance protection for every aspect of the operation. Marina operators should do their best to protect their property, themselves, their employees and members, and their members’ property against damage or liability.